Off-Piste Wines, Around the world

Off-Piste Wines – Moderni ja dynaaminen brittiläisessä omistuksessa oleva viinitalo joka tuottaa viinejä ympäri maailmaa (mm.Australia, Uusi-Seelanti, Italia, Espanja). Tarkoituksena on tuottaa parasta hinta / laatua mitä maailman eri alueilla on tarjota.  OP ei omista tarhoja vaan tuottaa viininsä luotettujen sopimusviljelijöiden tarhoilta  viinintekijä tiiminsä kanssa jota pyörittää Suomessakin vieraillut Master of Wine (MW) Clem Yates. Alla pari sanaa Clemiltä :

"My career in the wine industry really began when I used my chemistry degree to study Oenology as a post graduate at Roseworthy University in Australia. It was there that I developed a real passion for the process of creating and developing wines. I passed the Master of Wine in 2011.

I am currently the Sourcing and Supply Director at Off-Piste Wines. OPW is a small, highly skilled team that sell to the Off-trade. Our main customers are the UK retailers, however we are now focusing on some export markets. I try to use my knowledge and experience to protect quality from the process of picking the grapes right through to when a customer opens a bottle.

I am also a Panel Chair judge at the International Wine Challenge competition and sit on several wine trade committees.

Prior to joining Off-Piste I was responsible for all the own label Beers, Wines and Spirits at Sainsbury’s. During my time there I developed the “House” range of wines and re-established the Taste the difference level from around the world. I have also worked for Tesco in-house. I started winemaking as a flying winemaker covering vintages in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres including Australia, California, Chile, France and Italy."

- Clem Yates MW