Ventisei Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2015

Ventisei, Toscana, Italia

Luomu Väliaikaisesti loppu Vegan

Väliaikaisesti loppu


4% Merlot, 96% Sangiovese




Kaunis rubiinin punainen väri. Tuoksussa on paljon kirsikkaa, boysenmarjaa ja orvokkia. Maku on täyteläinen, mehukas ja mausteinen.


Moniottelija erilaisten tummien liharuokien kanssa. Sieni risotto, tomaattiset pataruoat ja -pastat. Kokeile syksyisten riista-annosten kanssa.


DOCG Vino Nobile di Montepulciano


6 kpl/laatikko


Viini on kypsynyt 18kk ajan erikokoisissa tammitynnyreissä, jonka jälkeen vuoden verran pullossa.


21,00  ALV. 24%

Toscana, Italia

Ventisei winemaker Eline: " I was bitten by the wine bug a long time ago, but it really hit me hard when I arrived in Montepulciano, Tuscany. My mother, Virginie Saverys, had taken over Avignonesi winery. Observing her and her team walking the vineyards and caring for every single bunch of grapes was so fascinating. The way they manage to bottle the message of each vintage in such a unique manner, giving voice to a specific terroirwas like a budburst and I wanted to take a step further.

When I turned 26, I opened my first wine bar in Antwerp, Avini. I often visited Avignonesi of course and during one of their blending session I couldn't resist, so I sneaked in. For fun, I tried my own little blend...and I fell in love on the spot. When I was looking for a name for this wine, it came only natural to refer to this intende and wine-fueled year. And that is how it all began. Ventisei - 26 in Italian - was born. "